Kauai – Practical Information

Trip Planning

Contrary to the majority of our other trips, not that much planning went into this one. We were travelling with friends for good portions of the trip, so the focus was more on enjoying our time there.

Hang loose

Once we picked which island to visit after Oahu, it was mostly a matter of booking flights, accommodations, and a rental car. Once on the island, which is relatively small, there are so many beaches, attractions, and hiking trails in close proximity that made planning too far ahead unnecessary. 

For hiking on Kauai, we consulted this website.

For beaches, we more or less just drove around till we spotted a beach that we liked. 

Driving and car rental 

Road are great all of Kauai, so a standard sedan vehicle was more than adequate for driving around. 

Island hopping

To travel between Oahu and Kauai, we took a quick 30 min. flight operated by Hawaiian Airlines. 


The weather was great on both islands (June), usually in the high 20s (Celsius) during the day with nice and cool evenings. It rained almost every day in Kauai, but it was usually a quick downpour that never lasted more than an hour during the late afternoon or early evening. Otherwise, it was always sunny.

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